Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trippy-H, The Gameboy Camera Music sequencer.

Greetings! This site is devoted to Trippy-H. The music sequencer found in the Gameboy camera. My purpose is to explore the boundaries of this little music machine. You will find screenshots, tutorials and sound samples.
You may ask why I would devote time to a website about an outdated and limited program? The main reason is, it's fun. I bought my Gameboy Camera more than a year ago and I've used Trippy-H on and off during that time. The second reason is because of it's limitations. Sometimes limitations spawn the most creativity. This video on Youtube is a good example.

I composed the soundtrack of this video on Trippy-H.

Please enjoy this information. Oh, and get a Gameboy Camera as of this post there were several available on e-bay.


Neil said...



Anonymous said...

Nice to see someone using older games to create awesome music - 8bit music is great.
Just a quick question - how do you get the music from your gameboy on to the computer.

Paul Snow (Epihcunt.) said...

Just stick a lead into the headphones output on the gb and then stick the other end into your mic input on your pc and your done!

Anonymous said...

I'll give it a shot :]